The Power of Scent

Revolutionise your well-being with Auric.

Auric App Moods

Your wellness.
Your control.

Explore a world of wellness at your fingertips with the Auric app. Select your mood, personalise your aromatherapy experience, and transform your space into a sanctuary of well-being. With just a few taps, the perfect ambiance is yours to command.


Tailored aromatherapy for every state of being

At the heart of Auric Essentials lies a profound understanding that every individual’s day is a tapestry of moods and needs. Our exclusive collection of Auric moods is designed to harmonise with your daily rhythm, offering personalised aromatherapy experiences that adapt to you.


Personalised aromatherapy at your fingertips

Choose from 26 unique, therapeutic experiences, each designed to address your mood and wellness needs. Whether you seek calm, focus, energy, or sleep, our intelligent Auric Wellness Signature algorithm tailors the perfect aromatherapy ritual just for you.


Technology meets tradition

Our innovative approach combines:

Personalised aromatherapy

Experience rituals finely tuned to your current mood and wellness needs, crafted through ancient tradition, scientific research, and modern precision.

Data-driven wellness

Harnessing data from wearable devices, we integrate your biometrics with your personal health goals and responses from tailored questionnaires. This comprehensive approach ensures that each ritual is perfectly timed and uniquely suited to you.

Mood-focused recommendations

Our advanced algorithms assess key mood areas—Calm, Focus, Energy, and Sleep—to recommend the most suitable aromatherapy ritual for your current state.

User-centric design

Navigate your wellness journey with ease, thanks to a user-friendly interface designed to provide a seamless and enriching experience.

At Auric Essentials, we marry the ancient art of aromatherapy with the precision of cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to create an oasis of wellness in your own home. Our flagship AI-powered Auric One diffuser, complemented by our bespoke mobile app, offers you 26 unique Auric Rituals. These rituals are designed not just to scent your space but to transform it into a sanctuary of well-being tailored specifically to your wellness needs.


Not ready for the full Auric AromaSphere experience yet?

Sample our Universal Oils. Designed for versatility, these premium oil samples can be used in your existing diffuser, added to a relaxing bath, or even infused into oil candles. Begin your journey with a taste of Auric's high-quality, transformative scents.