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Choose from 26 unique, therapeutic experiences, each designed to address your mood and wellness needs. Whether you seek calm, focus, energy, or sleep, our intelligent Auric Wellness Signature algorithm tailors the perfect aromatherapy ritual just for you.

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Wellness Navigators

Explore the transformative world of Auric Rituals with guidance from our inspirational Wellness Navigators. Each Navigator, a beacon in their own right, offers unique insights and supplementary content that enhance your journey to wellness. They map out personalized pathways, helping you explore and connect with the nuanced benefits of each ritual. Discover how their expertise can inspire and deepen your Auric experience.


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Sample our Universal Oils. Designed for versatility, these premium oil samples can be used in your existing diffuser, added to a relaxing bath, or even infused into oil candles. Begin your journey with a taste of Auric's high-quality, transformative scents.