July 8, 2024

Auric Essentials Welcomes Dr. Sophia Moscovis to Advisory Board

Auric Essentials, a leader in wellness technology, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Sophia Moscovis as the newest member of its advisory board. Dr. Moscovis joins a distinguished panel of advisors, further enhancing the company’s strategic direction in digital health and wellness innovation.

Auric Essentials Welcomes Dr. Sophia Moscovis to Advisory Board

Dr. Sophia Moscovis, PhD, GAICD, is a renowned scientist with a PhD in immunology and genetics and over 20 years of experience in healthcare, spanning academia, clinical trials, and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. She currently serves as the Director of Program Management, Risk & Strategy at Race Oncology, an ASX-listed biotech company. Additionally, she is a contributor for Forbes Australia, a keynote speaker, consultant to Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and digital health organizations, and founder of a preventative health startup.

Dr. Sophia Moscovis Brings to Auric Essentials:

•   Deep Expertise in Healthcare and Digital Health: With over two decades of experience, Dr. Moscovis offers profound knowledge in healthcare transformation, digital health, and patient-centered innovation.

•   Leadership in Medical Affairs: Her extensive background in medical affairs and regulatory landscapes will be invaluable as Auric Essentials continues to develop and refine its wellness technologies.

•   Strategic Vision for Business Transformation: Dr. Moscovis’s experience in driving business transformation and strategic execution will guide Auric Essentials in scaling its operations and enhancing its market presence.

•   Commitment to Patient Experience and Design Thinking: Her focus on patient-centric design thinking ensures that Auric’s products are developed with the end-user in mind, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Dr. Moscovis’s extensive background and focus on innovation, business transformation, and digital health will be instrumental as Auric Essentials advances its mission to integrate cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies with holistic wellness solutions.

She Joins the Advisory Board Alongside:

•   Melissa Barall (U.S.) – Strengthening Auric’s reach into the U.S. and forging strategic partnerships. Read more

•   Daniel Roney (Asia and Saudi Arabia) – Advancing the Auric AromaSphere device engineering and manufacturing, and expanding into emerging regions. Read more

•   Deano Gladstone (Australia) – Elevating personalized wellness solutions through holistic practices. Read more

About Dr. Sophia Moscovis

Dr. Moscovis’s expertise spans artificial intelligence, digital health, and healthcare transformation. She supports healthcare organisations in go-to-market strategies, business transformation, and healthcare innovation through strategic roadmaps anchored to visionary goals. As a thought leader, she contributes articles, white papers, and keynote presentations, increasing awareness and advocacy for digital health.

Her recent projects include keynote speaking engagements for Futures Conferences, and the Women Who Innovate event, mentoring at Blackbird Ventures, and consultancy for Tonic Media Health, Alexion, and Abbvie.

About Auric Essentials

Auric Essentials is at the vanguard of personalised wellness, pioneering the fusion of ancient aromatherapy practices with modern technology to offer bespoke wellness experiences. Through its flagship product, the Auric AromaSphere diffuser, and an array of essential oils, Auric Essentials crafts tailored aromatherapy sessions designed to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Based in Sydney, Australia, Auric Essentials is dedicated to innovating wellness solutions that are both effective and seamlessly integrated into daily life

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