May 13, 2024

Australian Health-Tech Mission to Hong Kong: A Strategic Leap for Auric Essentials

As I write this, I am in Hong Kong, ready to embark on a significant journey alongside Australia's leading health-tech companies at the Asia Health Week in Hong Kong. It's an honour for Auric Essentials to be selected as the representative for holistic wellness, showcasing our commitment to merging timeless aromatherapy practices with cutting-edge technology.

Australian Health-Tech Mission to Hong Kong: A Strategic Leap for Auric Essentials

Our participation celebrates our Australian roots and aligns with our strategic goals as we seek Asian investors and partners ahead of our planned launch in this vibrant market in 2025. Our itinerary includes engaging with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in HK, visiting the Digital Health Tech Hub in Cyberport, and participating in the Australian Healthcare Networking event organised by Austrade and Invest NSW.

Personal Journey and Professional Passion Merge in Hong Kong

My personal journey with holistic wellness was profoundly shaped during my residence in Hong Kong from 2004 to 2007, a period that deepened my appreciation for integrating ancient wellness practices into modern life. Returning to this vibrant city as part of this mission feels like a homecoming, where personal history and professional passion converge, providing a unique perspective on the global wellness landscape.

Explore a world of wellness at your fingertips with the Auric app. Select your mood, personalise your aromatherapy experience, and transform your space into a sanctuary of well-being. With just a few taps, the perfect ambiance is yours to command.

Auric Essentials: Pioneering Wellness Technology on a Global Stage

Auric Essentials stands at the forefront of wellness innovation, with our flagship product, the Auric AromaSphere diffuser, which utilises AI and IoT technologies to deliver personalised aromatherapy experiences. Our participation in the Health-Tech Mission aligns with our strategic goal to launch Auric Essentials in Asia by 2025, particularly focusing on the health-conscious market of the Greater Bay Area—a region known for its robust economic growth and increasing healthcare expenditures.

At Auric Essentials, we marry the ancient art of aromatherapy with the precision of cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to create an oasis of wellness in your own home. Our flagship AI-powered Auric diffuser, complemented by our bespoke mobile app, offers you 26 unique Auric Rituals. These rituals are designed not just to scent your space but to transform it into a sanctuary of well-being tailored specifically to your wellness needs.

Hong Kong: A Hub of Innovation and Investment in Healthcare

Hong Kong serves as a critical gateway for healthcare innovations and investments in Asia. The city’s strategic role is underscored during the International Healthcare Week, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). This event is a pivotal part of our mission, featuring extensive networking opportunities, including over 300 tailored one-to-one investor meetings. It provides a platform for us to connect with potential Asian investors and partners, supporting our manufacturing and procurement strategies as we prepare for our Asian market launch.

Engaging with a Vibrant Market

The Asia Summit on Global Health, a highlight of the International Healthcare Week, draws more than 2,500 participants from over 40 countries, showcasing over 90 internationally renowned speakers. This exposure is invaluable as we seek to establish Auric Essentials as a leading solution provider in a region characterised by a strong focus on health and wellness—a market where consumers are increasingly drawn to innovative health solutions.

Integrating Global Wellness with Local Insights

As we engage with the vibrant markets of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, we are not just participating in a mission; we are setting the stage for a significant expansion into Asian markets. Our journey in Hong Kong will allow Auric Essentials to weave our innovative wellness solutions into the fabric of Asia's booming health-tech landscape, marking a pivotal step in our global strategy.


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