August 26, 2023

Soothed by Science

Auric's mission is as ambitious as it is compelling—to revolutionize personal wellness by synthesizing aromatherapy, artificial intelligence, and real-time biofeedback data. While most wellness tech tends to focus on one aspect of well-being, be it mental or physical, Auric aims for the holistic betterment of the individual.

Soothed by Science

Evidence-Based Practices

Our research philosophy is rooted in evidence-based practices that validate the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. In collaboration with world-class olfactory scientists, healthcare experts, and technologists, we engage in rigorous research protocols. These range from clinical studies assessing the physiological and psychological impact of specific aromas to the development of machine-learning algorithms for personalised scent profiles. We're not just out to create a product; we're building an empirically substantiated experience that leverages the untapped power of scent in improving mental and emotional well-being.

Trust the Research: The Olfactory Connection

The latest olfactory research backs Auric. The power of scent to influence our mood, memory, and even physiological responses is a long-standing field of scientific inquiry. Recent studies suggest that certain scents can significantly affect stress levels, cognitive function, and emotional well-being. For example, a 2019 Frontiers in Behshowcased lavender's potential to reduce anxiety-like behavior. Auric's partnership with olfactory researchers and experts demonstrates a commitment to an evidence-based approach.

The Tech Side: Biometrics Meet Aromatherapy

Auric uses advanced algorithms and real-time biofeedback data from wearable tech to personalise the aromatherapy experience. Your heart rate, sleep patterns, and stress markers are all integrated to help tailor specific blends of essential oils that align with your wellness needs. It's a data-driven model behavioural Neuroscience study of healthcare that leverages technology to understand the nuances of human wellness.

IoT Integration: A Multi-Sensory Future

Auric goes beyond mere scent diffusion. Its Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities mean it can sync with your smart home systems—think lighting, music, and even visual ambiance—to create a wellness ecosystem right in your living space. Imagism is therapeutic ande an environment that not only smells therapeutic but also looks, sounds, and feels like your personalised nirvana. Auric is evolving the product and invites you to join the community and try our products.

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